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Our Supplier Friends

Over the past eight years of filming weddings, we've got to know so many super talented and friendly suppliers that will go above and beyond for your wedding day (Just like we will)! We've put together this list of supplier to try and make sure we can help make your wedding day as stress-free as possible by picking the best Essex Wedding Suppliers in the market!

Tony Roberts Music

Not only is Tony Roberts a super talented Singer, Musician, Entertainer & DJ but he's also a personal close friend of ours and we absolutely love working with him at our couples weddings! Tony has a super helpful team that manage his bookings so you've always got someone to guide you through the booking process!

Photographer Liam Gillan

Another close friend of ours and a fantastic, award winning photographer! Liam is do dedicated to your wedding day and will go above and beyond to help with anything that needs doing (Honestly, Anything!!!). We love working with him and his style is so similar to ours! 

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Sweet Vibe Entertainment

Daryl & Marky T are the ultimate "Modern Day Toastmasters"! Not only are they INCREDIBLE DJ's they take the traditional "toastmaster" and pump up the energy and fun! Plus, they'll also provide entertainment services in the evening such as DJ, 360 Degree Photobooth & Light Up Letters - a one stop shop indeed!

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