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Partner Program Application

We pay you for all booked referalls!

Thanks for applying!

  • When do we get the £500?
    The £500 referral fee is paid as soon as the customer signs our contract and pays the deposit. No waiting around, it’s a pretty quick process.
  • How’s best to sell you to our couples?
    We find the final booking meeting a great time to mention us. The couple have just booked your venue and their supplier search is on! Suggesting us at this point is a great opportunity to get them thinking about other suppliers too. A good leading question could be “Have you considered having your wedding filmed?”. And, of course, sending them the link to your bespoke page on our website has loads of examples of how amazing their wedding video could look.
  • How do we send couples your way?
    The easiest way is to send them to the bespoke page. They can see examples of our films at your venue and also reach out to us and then referral is tracked too. Alternatively, sending us their contact details (Name, Wedding Date, Mobile & Email) is okay too, we can reach out to them!
  • What if you’re not available for their date?
    The last couple of years we’ve been fully booked pretty quickly with couples securing their dates around 18 months in advance. Your couples will typically book 2-3 years in advance according to recent statistics. By partnering, we can secure your couple's wedding date in our diary before they would have normally considered having their wedding filmed.
  • Can we get some marketing materials?
    Yes, of course, we’d be happy to drop off flyers, business cards and a pull-up banner to ensure we can be advertised at your venue. Let us know and we’ll get them sent to you! It’d be beneficial to have a “video” section on your website where you can showcase some of our weddings filmed at your venue and details of how couples can book us.
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