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Adam & Rhea - St Michaels Manor, St Albans

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Filming Adam & Rhea's wedding was simply amazing! I'd just got over the deadly flu that had been doing around in Winter 2022 and the snow was so thick! It was a proper christmas/winter feel and I loved it!

St Michaels Manor is amazing and a first time visit for us! I assume it's open as a hotel and restaurant when a wedding isn't taking place but Adam & Rhea had this magnificent manor house just for the wedding party.

As I arrived there were Aunties & Uncles doing the finishing touches in the main function space. The bridesmaids were filling the confetti cups and finalising the table favours. It was a proper family environment and I loved it!

The rest of the day was beautiful too, the ceremony room has three massive christmas trees and the reception meal was a perfect xmas setting too. Plus, the best men had a brilliant comedy routine up their sleeves which left the whole room in stitches!


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