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Clair & Darren - Stockbrook Manor, Essex

"The first day of the rest of your lives together"

At long last, Clair and Darren were getting married! We arrived at Stock Brook manor and the anticipation was palpable, after 3 re-schedules the big day was finally here. The bridal party were getting glammed up with makeup and hair in full swing, whilst the groom had a very 007 entrance (shout out to our Ellis who was a great background actor!).

The bride and groom dressed and ready, guests in their seats, a quick Calpol run for the flower girl, and we were ready for the aisle! The ceremony went without the hitch and without further ado it was onto the reception, time to party! Champagne reception, accompanied by chatting and laughter, it was lovely to see such a close knit unit of family and friends coming together on a very special day. Under a ceiling of twinkling lights, the wedding party danced the night away.

Clair, Darren, Nancy and Bradley, thank you for letting us be a part of your family's big day!


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