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Joanne & David - Browning Bros, Colchester

At long last Joanne and David’s big day had arrived, and what a day it was. Despite them meeting as fire marshals’ 9 years ago, it’s safe to say that sparks were flying from start to end.

As we arrived to Joanne and the bridal team it truly felt like joining a party, music was playing and everyone was having a thoroughly good time, which set the tone for the day.

The party continued to the church service, whereby the vicar displayed the union of husband and wife through a goblet of gin and tonic and proceeded to down the whole thing!

Leading to a festival-esque reception, a scene from a nostalgic dream!

A wholesome and unique take on tradition, with a quintessentially British flare; fish and chips, an ice cream van, hog roast, and of course the welcomed photobomb of a herd of cows.

This couple exuded a love that was nothing short of fairy-tale, we are now true believers in love-at-first-sight as something not resided to fantasy alone. The only thing cheesy about this day was the cake!


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